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Getting Started

GolemScript is a datapack library that implements a high-level programming language in Minecraft.


If you are using GolemScript as a library, just download the following files.
If you just want to run GolemScript, you will also need a runtime. See list of runtimes.

To install the datapack, first download the latest release from Modrinth.
You will also need Moxlib, and if you want Regular Expression support, Regex.

Put these in the datapacks folder of your world. For more information, see the Minecraft wiki.

Getting started with GolemScript

For documentation on how to use GolemScript as a library, see the API documentation.

For the basic GolemScript syntax, see syntax.
For the various data-types and values you will use, see data types.
For documentation on builtin function, see standard library.
For the different operators in GolemScript, see operators.
For a list of GolemScript keyword, see keywords.
For some example programs utilising these features, see examples.