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Getting Started


To install the datapack, first download the latest release from Modrinth.
You will also need GolemScript, Moxlib, and if you want Regular Expression support, Regex.

Put these in the datapacks folder of your world. For more information, see the Minecraft wiki.

When you install the datapack, you must leave and rejoin the world (or restart the server) for all effects to properly take place.

Obtaining a Copper Golem

Golems are found in airships, which generate naturally throughout your world when you have the datapack installed. Make sure to keep your render distance up, they spawn around 200 blocks in the air!

Looking for shadows on the ground is a great way to locate airships.
Each airship contains one copper golem, alongside three example programs to help you get started with GolemScript.

If you would like to follow along with the datapack and learn the language as you go, stop reading here.

Getting started with GolemScript

GolemScript is written in Minecraft books, which are applied to the golem to give it a program.
See the GolemScript documentation for more information on the language.